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James R. Blake lived in Iowa City from the age of 10 until a few days before his 16th birthday, which was some fifty years ago. He attended the now extinct U-High (University High School) where, he says, the only areas where he even approached excellence were art and English composition. He obtained his drawing and painting education at the Los Angeles Art Center School, and set up a private painting studio in Fort Worth, Texas in 1961. Four years ago he set up a painting studio in Paris and he and his wife, who is the President of the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, spend half the year in Paris. The paintings he will be exhibiting in Iowa City are representative of the places he finds himself most, Paris, Fort Worth, and Steamboat Springs. Subject matter is architectural and landscape and includes a portrait of a 1948 Ford pick-up truck. While not aggressively pursuing a career of exhibitions, he has consistently shown in Fort Worth at the Carlin Galleries and subsequently at the Dutch Phillips Gallery, for 38 years. Notable galleries outside the Fort Worth-Dallas area where has had one-man shows have been the F.M. Light Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona; Frank Partridge Gallery in New York; the Palm Beach Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida and the Two Rivers Gallery in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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