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Artist’s Statement

For an unabashed realist who grew up in Iowa and spent many summers of my childhood on an Iowa farm, I came to painting Iowa landscapes fairly late in my artistic career. However, after considerable self-reflective writing as part of an advanced degree and a regular forty-mile commute from my home to the university, l rediscovered how important the landscape was for me personally. In 1990 l began to explore the landscape as subject for new paintings. It was a significant step for one who still takes great delight in seeing and rendering the wondrous detail observed in faces, figures and still-life objects. I had never previously been interested in painting the landscape. Space is of great importance in my landscape paintings. I want to stretch the paintings beyond practical limits and I want the observer to be drawn into the image by the perceived distance or atmosphere depicted as well as by the attention to detail and the painted surface. The images are not postcard images but are images discovered and drawn mostly from the Iowa spring when the rolling hills, wet grasses, freshly plowed fields and morning light create abstract visions and thoughts of new beginnings. I want the paintings to be real as well as abstract, bold as well as subtle, and intimate as well as vast.


Born: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1944; BA University of Iowa, 1967; taught ort on secondary level at Linn-Mar Community Schools, Marion, Iowa for seven years; Assistant Director, Cedar Rapids Art Center, 1975-79, with primary responsibility for education program; Acting Director, 1979; since 1979, working independently, occasionally teaching workshops and college level classes; M.A. University of Iowa, 1989; Teaching Assistant/Student Teacher Supervisor, Ul, 1988-89, part-time faculty Coe College, Cedar Rapids, 1990-91; Executive Director (half-time), Marion Historical Museum, 1989-1995; Field Representative, Upper Midwest Conservation Association, 1995; Conservation Technician; Fine Arts Conservation Services, 1995-98.

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