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Artist Statement

"The contemplation of veritable works of art, and much more still that of the beauty of the world, and again much more that of the unrealized good to which we aspire, can sustain us in our efforts to think continually about that human order which should be the subject uppermost in our minds….By looking at the world…we shall find a more powerful encouragement in the thought of how these innumerable blind forces are limited, made to balance one against the other, brought to form a united whole by something which we do not understand, but which we call beauty."

-Simone Weil

Painting and drawing are a play of relationships. At the most elemental level, my painting is the relationship of one colorspot to another, and the exploration of what happens when they meet. On a larger scale, every colorspot, every individual element of the work of art, relates to the whole. Likewise, we see ourselves in relation to the objects and other people around us, explore our similarities and differences, and interact in significant, very individual ways. We also relate to the totality of our surroundings, and are constantly redefining ourselves in relation to this whole. Thus we come better to know ourselves and the world around us.

Within my work, I try to embody a felt experience that can be communicated to others. I attempt to encounter the visual world in a way that is informed by thousands of years of the creation of art objects and yet, at the same time, is somehow fresh. My main artistic sources of inspiration include the Fayum Portraits, the Pompeian Frescos, the paintings of Velazquez and Chardin, the drawings of Dickinson and Seurat and the work of contemporary artists such as Antonio Lopéz Garcia and Emily Nelligan. Beyond the attempt at an honest response to the motif is the music and poetry of form, color, gesture, and intensity of surface, and the exploration of these elements as metaphors for the human condition. There comes a point when a painting or drawing moves beyond mere competency, when a quickening occurs and an energy snaps to life. This is what I am after.

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